Thrifting Adventures – The First Thrift of the Year

My first thrifting adventures of 2015 overturned a number of small ‘treasures’.   It was also a fine chance to take my little sister, Sue, along to a garage sale.  We went to four garage sales with a breakfast stop at the charming cafe Bungalow for breakfast in between.

My booty was a varied lot but sadly no clothes or accessories.

Keep reading to see pictures of my haul!

There were two old books of party games, some of them wildly inappropriate for the modern world.  I picked up three seersucker tablecloths, one in watermelon colours that make me instantly think of Summer.   I picked up two pots for little pot plants, one with a very nice art-deco flower decoration.  For the kitchen I bought a set of four blue willow bowls and a small serving plate to match as well as three antique plates.  The three CD set of jazz music was only $1 while the LPs vinyls of Gilbert and Sullivan musicals were 50c each.  I also bought two Hollywood DVDs – East of Eden with James Dean and a Bridgette Bardot film.

My haul came to just over $25 so I was pretty pleased with my first thrifting adventure of the year.


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