Vintage Brunch by PoisonedKitty

I received a letter in my mailbox inviting me to a Vintage style brunch on a Saturday morning with PoisonedKitty.  It’s so lovely to receive something in the mail in this modern day of emails and Facebook invites.   So I made sure I responded in kind and sent her an acceptance card.IMG_4274The morning of the brunch rolled around and I was beset with the question of what to wear.  Most of my pretty vintage/vintage style dresses were too light or thin for the cold snap that had descended on Brisbane.   (Not words I often have to say – our Winters are usually short and very mild.)  I decided on wearing a vintage style dress from Kitten D’Amour with my vintage 50s Darlene cardigan, some white tights and white shoes.

Read on to see more photos of the beautiful food spread and the brunch girls.

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The Girl’s Own Paper – March 1902

My friend Christine gifted me an amazing old women’s magazine from 1902.  (Thank you beautiful Chrissie).  I thought I’d share some photos of the more interesting pages with you all – and perhaps get your help to solve the riddle on the back page.

The riddle on the back page is interesting.  It is a mix of images and word play and I haven’t solved more than a few small portions so far.   Here’s a closer look:


What do you think?

Read on to see the other pages of the magazine edition.

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Instagram Roundup

A few photos originally posted on my Instagram account recently.

Looking back at these I realise how boring my Instagram account could be if I weren’t doing two photo challenges – one by Fat Mum Slim (#fmsphotoaday) and the other by Danger Dame (#dangerdiarychallenge).   They spark my creativity, make me look around the world more closely and do things I might not have otherwise.    Only two of the above photos are not taken as responses to the challenge prompts.

The $10.50 Thrift

This weekend I went a-thrifting… and bought home a nice lot for the grand total of $10.50.

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  • Two Enid Gilchrest pattern books ($1 each)
  • Advance pattern magazine, with pattern included ($2)
  • Two sewing patterns (20c and 50c)
  • tea-print cafe style curtains. I plan to use them as a table runner instead of curtains ($3)
  • vintage brushed cotton fabric for sewing (30c)
  • gorgeous hardcover book ($1)
  • English china serving plate ($4)

Everything Deco to Retro – Inaugural – 2015

I got wind of a new vintage fair in Brisbane via friends on Facebook.   The ‘Everything Deco to Retro Fair‘ was running over a weekend in mid February and promising to have some pretty exciting wares.    The fair was pleasantly situated in the suburbs surrounding Brisbane.  A few friends were pumped to go and check out the offerings…

And then disaster hit.  Literally.   A category 5 cyclone hit the Queensland coast North of Brisbane and was heading it’s way downwards.   The whole of Friday was filled with heavy rain and threats of flooded roads.  Everyone were holding their breathe for the big storm bearing down on us…

So it was alone that I went to the fair and it was an empty hall compared to how it would have been if the weather hadn’t been so unkind.


Read on for more about the fair and a few pics of stunning 50s prom dresses!

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Flashback – D-Day Blitz Party 2014

Last year I went on holiday to Europe for the first time.  It was a big deal for me.  I’d dreamed about travelling through the UK since my early teens and at last it had come about.   I was very lucky that my little sister Sue was living in London at the time and my wonderful friend Donna was able to join me for the second half of the trip so I had good company for most of my trip.  It was also fortunate that the timing of our holiday matched with a Blitz Party on the weekend commemorating D-Day. Processed with VSCOcam with x4 presetThe Blitz Party runs irregularly, usually every few months in London.  The event attempts to recreate the atmosphere of a 1940s war-time party in the bomb shelters of London.  With a strict dress code of vintage/1940s style, excellent live music and the atmosphere of the underground venue it isn’t hard to get that feeling that you’ve stepped back in time. We entered the venue through a door in the side of a rail underpass, the kind of place that is covered in graffiti and littered with empty booze bottles –  the kind of place I’d usually avoid after dark.  Once inside, the faint sound of folks having a good time came from the far end of the sandbag barricaded and foggy tunnel.   A young man in a WWII uniform strode past us and I knew we were in the right place. Read on to hear about the event and see a few more photos. Continue reading